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Bareboat yacht charters are the ultimate freedom. You can escape the real world for a few days and be the master of your own destiny visiting secluded beaches and bays others can only dream of seeing.

Lots of our Pittwater yacht charter customers ask us how to get a reliable weather forecast while they’re out sailing.

Here’s your options for getting a Maritime weather forecast in the Sydney area.

You can turn on your VHF radio and monitor Channel 16 – regular forecasts are issued through the day – listen out for details of which channel to tune to to hear the maritime weather.

On Pittwater our local Marine Rescue Units are at Broken Bay and Cottage Point and the radio traffic is managed through Terrey Hills which is known as Marine Rescue Sydney.

Regular broadcasts are initially issued on VHF Channel 16 and you will be advised to switch to Channel 67.

Scheduled maritime weather broadcasts are at 05:40, 06:40, 08:40, 10:40, 12:40, 14:40, 16:40, and 18:40. At this time you’ll also hear wind and wave observations.

In addition to these scheduled broadcasts, Marine Rescue NSW broadcast any priority weather warnings received within an hour of notification.

Marine Rescue Cottage Point and Marine Rescue Broken Bay are both manned on weekends and public holidays – you might find their service useful in areas of Broken Bay and Cowan Creek where reception is sometimes poor.

If you have a laptop with you on your Sydney boat charter there’s heaps of information on the Bureau of Meteorology Website or for a great visual website take a look at Seabreeze

You can also get a Sydney Waters forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology on 1900 969 955. This is a premium rate phone line.

When you compare bareboat yacht charters in Australia you’ll find Pittwater weather is generally pretty good.

There are many, many days when you can sail on Pittwater and enjoy clear, high blue skies, 10-15knots of breeze and smooth sailing waters.

But of course we do get a few Southerly Busters and strong North Easterly storms coming through Pittwater each year.

Even if you haven’t heard the forecast you will notice the line of cloud approaching.

This photo shows a pretty extreme example.

If you know bad weather is on the way it’s important to prepare.

If you’re not clear about how or when to reef check out our sailing yacht charter guide.

Taking Refuge on your Pittwater Bareboat Yacht Charter

If you’re in Broken Bay, Refuge Bay was given it’s name for a reason!

You can always find a sheltered corner here to tuck out of the wind.

If it’s over 30 knots, drop the sails and motor here, or if you’re heading downwind you can go along quite nicely under just a little bit of headsail.

If you’re in Cowan Creek, Smith’s Creek or heading down towards Akuna Bay marina you’ll have no problem finding shelter.

The high sides of these winding waterways provide great protection.

If you’re in Pittwater, the Basin is lovely and sheltered unless the wind is from the East.