Pittwater Yacht Charter
How to Charter a Yacht in Australia

Wondering how to charter a yacht in Australia?… here’s some useful information from SmartBoating

Most people who hire a yacht go bareboat or ‘self-drive’.

This is the ultimate freedom because you get to choose which bays and beaches to visit and how long to stay in each location.

Also your sailing holiday is more private because you don’t have to share your yacht with a skipper.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to charter a yacht in Australia. But of course you do need to have some sailing experience.

If you’re just cutting your teeth as a sailboat skipper, Pittwater is the perfect cruising ground for your first bareboat charter.

Pittwater is sheltered with smooth water and minimal tides.

Unlike Sydney Harbour there’s no commercial traffic here – you don’t have to dodge the Manly Ferry!

There’s also much less ‘traffic’ on Pittwater than Sydney Harbour.

top-yacht-charter-1Because Pittwater is a ‘closed water’ cruising area it’s a much easier sailing destination than an ‘open water’ destination like the Whitsundays.

There are very few hazards and lots of easy to pick up public mooring buoys.

If you are just getting into yacht sailing here’s an idea of what you need to know to charter a yacht.

Here’s a more detailed checklist of what we need you to know for a yacht charter on Pittwater.

You should know the points of sail, be able to choose the correct amount of sail for the conditions, tack, gybe and reef, be comfortable with anchoring, mooring, chart work, rules of the road, person overboard procedure and fire prevention.

How to charter a yacht if you’re not ready to bareboat

Our learn to sail yachts courses are specifically designed to help you take the first steps towards a bareboat charter.

These are practical weekend courses. You get out on the water in small groups and learn what you need to know to rent a yacht with confidence.

If you think you’re just about up to speed but have a couple of areas you need to brush up on you can book a charter confidence course with us.

For first 4 hours of your charter a SmartBoating instructor will come on board with you and fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Charter confidence costs $320 in addition to your charter fee.

Or if you just want to sit back and relax and let someone else do all the work…

… you can book a skippered yacht charter.