Pittwater Yacht Charter

Hire a Kayak for even more Fun on your Pittwater Yacht Charter

Hire a kayak and you can discover even more of Pittwater on your yacht charter.

Kayaking is a green, healthy way to explore our gorgeous beaches, creeks and tributaries.

There’s heaps to look at in Bays like America and Refuge Bays… and you get a workout at the same time.

Sit on kayaks are really easy to use because they are very stable. You don’t need any previous experience and you can climb onto them from deep water.

Because water drains off the top you can’t capsize them so they are very safe.

A single kayak has a 130kg limit which means up to 3 kids can play at the same time.

We often tie one to back of our yacht for the kids to mess around on when we’re at anchor.

Or in sheltered Pittwater locations like the Basin we put life jackets on the kids and let them free to explore and have fun.

Kayaks are easy to tow behind your charter yacht or lash onto the foredeck.

You can also hire stand up paddles which are even easier to lash onto your charter yacht.

On smooth water like Pittwater this is a very easy technique for most people to get the hang of.

Stand up paddles are very sociable as you can chat at eye level to your party on the yacht.

Hiring a kayak for your Pittwater yacht charter couldn’t be easier.

Paddlecraft owned by Helen and Ross Crawshaw is right next door to the SmartBoating office. They offer large discounts for multi-day hire.