Pittwater Yacht Charter

Towlers or Morning Bay Pittwater

Morning Bay is just 20 minutes from the smartboating base at Bayview Marina.

It’s a perfect stop for your first night if you need to rush from work to start your Pittwater Sailing Adventure on a Friday afternoon.

Towlers Bay has two arms.

The South Western arm has plenty of room for anchoring although you need to take care as it gets shallow rapidly before the head.

If you take a look at this satellite image you’ll see the shallow area on the left.

You can also see the large creek – great fun to explore in the dinghy.

The North Eastern section of the bay has around 25 club moorings. If you head ashore here you’ll see the remains of an old stone jetty.

And if you push through the undergrowth at the end of the jetty you’ll come to the remains of the first park rangers cottage. All that’s left now is a few steps and a fireplace.

The park ranger used to walk from here to the Basin each day.

There is reported to be a track which leads steeply up behind the cottage to a great look-out at the top of the hill. We explored the area in May 2010 and couldn’t find the track.

If you don’t fancy a climb you can walk along the foreshore to beach at the end of the bay. (At high tide you’ll need to go by tender or walk through the bush).

This is a great spot for children to splash and swim as it’s very shallow for a good way from the waters edge.

There’s fallen trees for them to climb over and a great creek bed to explore.

The view South towards Scotland Island from the beach is stunning.

Towlers Bay offers best protection from West to North East wind. Avoid staying here in a Southerly if you want a comfortable night.