Pittwater Yacht Charter

Your Smart Boating Guide to Pittwater Fishing

Fishing on your boat charter or yacht charter is a very relaxing way to spend an hour or 3…

When there’s not enough wind to sail you can put a rod over the side and drift for flathead and flounder.

Or you can anchor for a while in a sheltered spot, listen to some music and wait for a jewfish or bream to take your bait.

And of course there’s nothing better than enjoying fresh fish off the BBQ and a cold beer at anchor in a sheltered bay….

… Happy Days!

Ready to give it a go?…

Here’s your SmartBoating Pittwater Fishing guide.

If you look at the map below you’ll see some of the best fishing spots on Pittwater and Broken Bay marked in blue.

Click on the marker for more details of each spot.

View Pittwater Fishing in a larger map

Off West Head you can drift with live bait (slimy mackerel or squid) for flathead or flounder. The deeper area off Currawong Beach is good for bream – use fresh Hawkesbury prawns or pilchards.

marc_snrIf you anchor off Pugnose Point in deep water you can fish for bream and kingfish and off Stokes Point you can anchor or drift for large bream, whiting and kingfish – try using fresh squid, live worms or fresh peeled prawns.

The spot off Lovett Bay is a great place to anchor safely out of the wind in calm water and try for for bream or leather jackets.

Heading round into Broken Bay, anchor off Flint and Steel point and try for jewfish, kingfish and bream.

Further upstream if you anchor at the mouth of Cowan Creek near the Starboard channel marker you can fish for leather jackets and flathead using Hawkesbury prawn as bait.

And finally the West side of the mouth of Smiths Creek offers calm, sheltered and deep water. It’s a good spot for jewfish and large flathead. Use Hawkesbury prawns or squid.

If you need fishing gear, bait or a chat about what’s biting this month head to Narrabeen Bait and Tackle

Owner Mark Ternen has been a local professional fisherman for 30 years – so there’s not much he doesn’t know about Pittwater fishing!

Mark’s staff are also keen fisherman and have a wealth of information they are happy to share with you.

And even better… mention you’re chartering a yacht or boat from SmartBoating and Mark will give you a 10% discount on your gear and bait.