Pittwater Yacht Charter

Top Pittwater Locations – Smiths Creek

If you want to escape the real world on your Pittwater yacht charter you can’t beat Smiths Creek

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Smiths Creek has to be one of our favourite Pittwater locations.

The beauty of this place is quite simply the peace and tranquility.

There are no houses lining Smiths Creek.

Instead you are surrounded by towering, unspoiled Ku-rin-gai National Park.

We always smile at each other…

…how can we be so close to Sydney yet feel we are miles and miles from anywhere?

You get here via Cowan Creek. The entrance is about a mile past Cottage Point on the left. Allow at least 4 hours from Bayview by yacht.

As you head upstream 2 bays appear on your right side each with couple of public moorings in them.

There is a 24 hour limit on the moorings and rafting up is not allowed.

Sometimes the rope loop is quite large for the cleat of your charter yacht. If you have any concern that the loop will slip off use an extra line over the top of the mooring line to secure it firmly in place.

At the head of the Smiths Creek is a large bay with more public moorings. This is the easiest place to anchor because the sea-bed shoals to around 9m.

If you anchor further down the creek you will find the sides slope steeply and you have to anchor in relatively deep water and relatively close the shore.

In this case we suggest you let out lots of chain on the bow anchor and secure a stern line to the shore to prevent your yacht from swinging.

Using 2 anchors means you have a wonderful, still and peaceful night and there’s no mooring buoy to bang against the hull.

Once you’re safely anchored for the night Smiths creek is one of those perfect yacht charter locations to open a beer and sit chill in the evening sun, chatting and listening to the noises of the Australian Bush around you.