Pittwater Yacht Charter

Your smart Yacht Charter Australia Guide to Pittwater Weather

The great thing about yacht charters in Australia is that the weather in most of our charter areas is good all year round.

Pittwater weather is kind to sailors most of the time.

Our hottest months are December, January and February.

In this summer season, daytime temperatures are usually around 28°C-30°C with the occasional day in the high 30s.

The vast majority of summer days are clear with fabulous high blue skies. (You’ll need lots of sunscreen.)

The evenings are warm and long and it’s heavenly to sit on deck and watch the sunset with drink or 2 after a great day on the water.

But even in summer Sydney’s weather can be variable… and when it rains it really rains!

If you are coming to Australia from overseas we suggest you pack some wet weather gear and a fleece as we do get the occasional cooler day in summer.

swimminginpittwaterWe are really lucky in Pittwater as the sailing season continues all year round.

Spring (September, October and November) and Autumn (March, April and May) are often stunning out on Pittwater.

Temperatures vary but most days are very pleasant, around 20°C – 25°C.

We still get the fabulous blue skies, it’s less crowded, and if you’re brave like our kids the water is still warm enough to swim.

Winter (June, July and August) is a very special time for Pittwater sailing.

It’s still absolutely stunning but incredibly quiet. You can often anchor in a secluded bay and have it all to yourself…

.. pretty amazing when you consider how close you are to Australia’s largest city.

Daytime temperatures are usually around 17°C – 19°C. It’s cold (around 10°C) at night so you’ll need to bring lots of layers.

And for the sailors among you, the wind changes as the seasonal highs and lows move up the East Coast of Australia. It’s rare to get much more than 25 knots of wind in Pittwater and often we have great afternoon sails with winds of around 15 knots.