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Sydney Weekender Star Mike Whitney Enjoys Sailing Pittwater on our Learn to Sail Yachts Courses

Here at Smart Boating we know how fabulous sailing on Pittwater is…

… and it was great to see that Sydney Weekender host Mike Whitney thought so too.

Mike enjoyed a great day out on Pittwater on one of our charter yachts under the expert guidance of Smart Boating sailing instructor George Pearce.

Mike got on the helm pretty quickly and enjoyed learning to steer the yacht under motor.

Then George went through the basics of yacht sailing and we had a relaxing sail up Pittwater. Everyone commented how lovely and peaceful it was once we turned the engine off.

One of the huge advantages of sailing on Pittwater as opposed to Sydney Harbour is the lack of crowds.

Despite the fact that we had an absolutely glorious Spring day for our film shoot…

… we had the whole cruising area to ourselves!

After a few hours of sailing it was time for a break and we headed to Portugese Beach for lunch.

George spent some time chatting to Mike about how to anchor the yacht – a very important skill for all yacht sailors to learn.

Then we jumped in the dinghy and motored across to the beach.

Pittwater has many small secluded beaches and bays to explore – and most of the sailing area is surrounded by National Park…

… so you really feel like you are getting away from it all.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic on the sand and once again marvelled at how beautiful Pittwater looked and how lucky we are to have it so close to Australia’s largest city.

Mike was trying out our Smart Boating learn to sail yachts courses and reporting on them for Sydney Weekender.

The courses are designed to help you get into yacht sailing and develop the skills you need to hire a yacht on Pittwater and go sailing.

Our courses are practical and our instructors are hand-picked for their knowledge, skills and patient teaching style.

If you’re a complete beginner why not see if you can make our next Bronze course?

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