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Which are More Fun? Power or Sailing Yacht Charters

Are you looking at sailing yacht charters and wondering if power would be better?

Here’s a fact most boaties realise after a while…

Eventually the noise of a motor boat’s engine begins to annoy you.

A power boat charter becomes about getting to your destination as quickly as possible and relaxing once you get there.

On a sailing yacht or catamaran, as soon as the engine goes off and you’re being blown along by the wind…

… you can visibly see everyone unwind in front of you.

We think it’s the tranquility and slower pace of sailing which makes people feel relaxed.

In fact it is often said Sailing is about the journey and Power Boating is about the destination.

And talking of relaxing…

Because sailing yachts have a deep keel they are more stable and more comfortable to sleep on than power boats. Catamarans are even better.

Power boats tend to roll in the slightest swell – not great if you want a good night’s sleep.

If you’re considering a sailing charter in Australia… here’s details of our Pittwater yacht charter fleet

Sailing Yacht Charters are More Environmentally Friendly

Sailing yachts and catamarans are specifically designed to glide smoothly through the water…

… this means they use very little fuel even when the sails are not up.

Power boats on the other hand plough through the water and are much less fuel efficient.

You can easily be looking at a few hundred dollars each day for fuel on top of your yacht charter fee.

On Smart Boating sailing catamaran and yacht charters all fuel is included in your charter fee.

Also the big wash from power boats is more damaging to the marine environment, and when you’re being blown along by the wind you are not using any diesel.

Many sailing yachts are fitted with solar panels – and of course in Australia these are really effective for charging your charter yacht’s batteries.

Are Yachts or Power Boats Easier to Manage?

Despite what you might think…

… yachts are much easier to manoeuvre and handle in tight spaces than power boats.

A motor boat has no keel and tends to skid across the water.

Whereas the the large rudder and deep keel on a yacht give you much more control.

Maybe you’re concerned because you don’t know how to sail? To be honest…

… if you have enough experience to manage a motor boat it takes very little to gain the skills you need for bareboat yacht charter.

Take a look at our learn to sail yachts courses, they’re specifically designed to give you the skills you need to bareboat charter in Sydney

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We just enjoyed a fabulous weekend away sailing on Pittwater near Sydney.

Our group was 5 girls – two Mums with 3 daughters between us.

And we spoiled ourselves by hiring a Fusion 40 catamaran for our weekend away.