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The top 10 questions everyone asks about yacht charter

Never chartered a yacht before and wondering if it’s for you?

Or maybe you’re thinking about buying into a syndicate boatshare and want to try before you buy?

Either way, here’s the top 10 things everyone wants to know about yacht charter.

1. What formal sailing qualifications do I need?

1. What formal sailing qualifications do I need?

Absolutely none. But you do need some experience if you’re going to bareboat charter. Our “experience needed” checklist will give you a fair idea of whether you can bareboat charter yourself or whether you’d be better off with a skippered charter, where you can just lie back and let someone else do all the hard work for you.

If you haven’t sailed for a while or you’d like to charter a boat you’ve never sailed or skippered before our “Charter Confidence” add-on option might be worth considering!

For the first 4 hours of your charter, a Smart Boating instructor will join you on board to familiarise you with the boat and refresh any areas on which you might be a bit rusty.

We also offer learn to sail classes for all levels of experience.

2. What if I can't sail?

2. What if I can't sail?

You can relax, because our skippered yacht charter lets you lie back and let someone else do all the work…in fact our entire Smart Boating fleet is available for skippered yacht charter!

Two of our largest catamarans (our Seawind 1000XL and our Seawind 1000 ‘Tekin’) are especially popular for skippered hire because they are stable, comfortable and suited to large groups. With a skippered charter their capacity increases to 20 people.

Are you a die hard monohull sailor who wants to enjoy the excitement of ocean sailing and heeling over? We also have a large fleet of monohulls which are available for skippered yacht charter.

And our experienced skippers can offer you so much more than just control of the boat. Their great local knowledge means they can also help you choose the perfect destination and itinerary depending on your day’s conditions.

Whether you want to anchor in a secluded bay for lunch or perhaps stroll along a deserted beach or swim in the crystal clear water, our skippers can help because we know all the best spots!

3. Catamaran or a yacht...which is the best for my charter?

3. Catamaran or a yacht...which is the best for my charter?

Whether you decide to charter a multihull or a monohull, both have their advantages. Yachts are generally cheaper to charter, more capable upwind, have responsive steering and are dynamic to sail. If you love the excitement of sailing… you’ll probably choose a monohull.

Catamarans have more space (both above and below deck) and they’re more stable, so your drinks won’t spill and you’ll get a good night’s rest at anchor. They also ofter more privacy and protection from the elements. Catamarans have a lower draft, which allows you to sail in much more shallow waters and anchor closer to shore. The twin engines of a cat allow you to cruise at higher speeds both under sail and when using engines.

4. How far can I go?

4. How far can I go?

On a bareboat charter the entire Pittwater and Broken Bay are your playground, and some of our yachts can even be taken further afield. Haven’t been to Pittwater before? Just 45 minutes up the road from Sydney Harbour, the cruising area of Pittwater is similar in size to Sydney Harbour – but MUCH less crowded.

You can view the Pittwater Yacht Charter Limits on this map (click on the link under this map to see a larger version).

As you reach the top of Pittwater you’ll see a blue line on the map.

You need to stay west of this line on bareboat yacht charters, with the exception of the Hanse 385 ‘Out of Sight’ and the Hanse 415 ‘2easy’, which can both be chartered for offshore sailing.

If you book a skippered yacht charter you can go whale watching on the ocean or take a trip down to Sydney Harbour on a catamaran yacht charter.

5. How many people can I take out?

5. How many people can I take out?

How many people you can take out depends on whether you’re hiring a boat for the day or for overnight stays, whether you’re doing a bareboat or a skippered charter, and whether you’re sailing inshore or offshore (offshore charter is only available on the Hanse 385 ‘Out of Sight’ and the Hanse 415 ‘2easy’).


Smart Boating’s catamaran fleet consists of 2 cats, with a capacity that ranges from 10 passengers by day and 8 overnight (Fusion 40 ‘Snazzy Cat’), and right up to 12 passengers by day (or 20 with skipper) and 10 overnight for  Seawind 1000 ‘Tekin’.

The largest of our 4 yachts is the Hanse 415 ‘2easy’ with an inshore capacity of 12 by day and 8 overnight (offshore 8 by day and by night). The Hanse 385 ‘Out of Sight’ can also be taken offshore but it’s overnight capacity is slightly smaller: it has an inshore capacity of 12 by day and 6 overnight, and offshore 10 by day and 6 by night.

Our other yachts are the Jeanneau 39i ‘Bandaleni’, which has a capacity by day of 12 and capacity overnight of 6, and the Beneteau 37 ‘Nightingale’ which can take 10 passengers and is licensed for 8 overnight.

6. What if it rains?

6. What if it rains?

Fortunately wet days are fairly uncommon on Pittwater but at Smart Boating we want you to enjoy your bareboat yacht charter with us even if it rains. So we offer a unique Wet Weather Guarantee.

This means if you are unlucky and encounter really wet weather during your bareboat charter (where rainfall at Bayview exceeds 10mm between the hours of 9am and 5pm) we will credit you with a free day’s bareboat charter to add to your next charter booking of 1 day or more duration taken during the following 6 months on the same boat.

And although overcast or wet weather mightn’t been what you’d planned for, it actually can still be a lot of fun on a boat when the sun doesn’t want to come out to play. 

Fishing, reading, playing cards or board games, even having a sneaky nana nap…for many of our Smart Boating clients the magic of sailing is simply about getting away from it all with friends and family and spending time together, regardless of the weather.

7. What’s the minimum charter hire time?

7. What’s the minimum charter hire time?

Minimum charter hire is one day, which is 9-5pm, with the exception of peak charter season (20 December – 20 January) where the minimum charter hire time is 3 days.

When you arrive one of our friendly staff will be waiting to ensure your boarding goes smoothly and to take you through the operation of your yacht.

A thorough briefing will give you the confidence needed to ensure your Pittwater bareboat charter is thoroughly relaxing.

8. When's the best time of the year to charter a yacht?

8. When's the best time of the year to charter a yacht?

The beauty of Sydney’s temperate climate means you really can enjoy sailing and swimming all year round.

If you decide to charter during the summer months (September to April) you’ll enjoy warmer weather, longer days and better swimming conditions. During the Winter charter period (May to August) you can take advantage of cheaper charter rates and greater choice of boats. Pittwater is also less crowded during winter and if you decide to sail off shore you can enjoy watching the whales migrate.

During peak season (20 December to 20 January) a yacht charter on Pittwater enables you to get away from it all without having to leave Sydney. There’s still plenty of secluded spots in Pittwater where you can enjoy your own little piece of paradise, however due to the high demand during the peak season our 2 offshore Hanse yachts are only available for inshore hire during this period.

9. What do I need to bring?

9. What do I need to bring?

At Smart Boating all our yachts come comprehensively equipped so all you need to do is bring your provisions, clothing and your crew!

We provide washing-up equipment and tea towels and for overnight charters your bed linen is provided. Don’t forget your hat, camera, sunscreen, a sun-hat, towels, and sailing gloves if you like to wear those, and to wear non-slip runners or sand shoes with non-marking soles.


If you have children onboard you’ll need to bring or hire child size life jackets as we do not provide these. You can hire them from Paddlecraft next door to us.

Suitcases or hard eskys don’t work on a boat (there’s nowhere to store them) so pack everything into a soft collapsible sports bag. For more details see our yacht charter packing checklist.

10. Where can I moor?

10. Where can I moor?

There are plenty of spots to moor your boat in Pittwater. This customised Map of Pittwater shows you how many public moorings you’ll find in each spot.

If you love peaceful nights at anchor under the stars in beautiful bays you are spoilt for choice. Check out America and Refuge Bays, Morning Bay and Smith’s Creek.

Great Pittwater Locations like The Basin and Portuguese Beach are good swimming and lunch stops.


Looking for places where you can moor to eat out or have a drink? Patonga Beach is a lovely spot to visit with 2 dining options: the Patonga Beach Hotel and Patonga Beach Seafoods. You can also moor at Cottage Point Inn for a more upmarket dining experience.

But don’t forget the 0.5 alcohol limit also applies if you’re skippering a yacht yourself, so if you want to relax and enjoy a few drinks a skippered charter might be a better option for you.

Got any more questions about yacht charter?

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