Pittwater Yacht Charter

Patonga Beach is a Top Yacht Charter Destination

If you’re looking for a top yacht charter destination near Sydney…

…Patonga Beach on Pittwater is a great choice.

Patonga is just a leisurely morning’s sail from our base at Bayview Anchorage Marina.

It’s a great spot for a pub lunch or some really good fish and chips.

If you wanted to get to Patonga by road it’s a very different story.

From Sydney you need to go all the way up the freeway to Gosford…

… then head South to the very bottom of the Central Coast.

There’s just one road in and one road out…

… so you can see why it’s quiet.

Here’s why it’s one of our top yacht charter destinations.

Let’s start with the beach

The sweeping curve of the bay makes for a lovely stroll, with 180° views of Broken Bay.

At the far West end of the beach you’ll find Patonga Creek.

Your kids will love it.

They’ll happily spend hours messing around in the shallow water and leaping off the sand banks.

The mahogany and jarrah bar top was originally in the America’s Cup Bar at the Sydney Hilton Hotel.

Stroll back to the East end and you’ll find a great little community.

Patonga beach hotel has a lovely beer garden overlooking the water and a highly regarded restaurant.

Or for simpler food you can choose from the extensive bar menu.

Sailors will appreciate the nautically themed Sandbar.

The mahogany and jarrah bar top was originally in the America’s Cup Bar at the Sydney Hilton Hotel.

The America’s Cup Bell sits on the wall behind the bar…

… and if you stay for last drinks you’ll hear it ring.

There’s a great choice of beer and cider on tap.

Head to the Patonga Beach Hotel website for more information or phone them on 02 4379 1111.

Just along from the hotel you’ll find a general store and Patonga Beach Seafoods.

Patonga Beach Seafoods is a great fish and chip shop.

On our last trip here we enjoyed gorgeous fresh fish with delicious, thick-cut hot chips sitting on a picnic table looking out towards Lion Island.

A lovely treat!

We’ve also often seen dolphins playing in the shallows of Patonga Bay.

When you approach Patonga on your yacht charter you’ll find the bay is shallow a good way out from the beach.

Anchor South West of the pier in around 3-4 metres of water (around 1.5 – 2 metres under the keel).

The bottom is sand and holds well.

This is a comfortable anchorage unless there’s a Southerly swell. More top yacht charter locations on Pittwater.