Pittwater Yacht Charter

Smart Yacht Charter Safety

All our charter yachts, catamarans and power boats carry extensive safety equipment.

However prevention is better than cure.

A member of the Smart Boating team will give you a full safety briefing at the beginning of your yacht charter. Please ask about anything you don’t understand.

In addition, as skipper on a bareboat yacht charter it’s well worth taking some time to think about how you are going to keep your crew safe.

Talk to any in-experienced crew members you have on board.

Show them how to move safely around the boat and point out good places to hold on.

Talk to them about slippery decks and any trip hazards. Advise them not to step on any lines on the deck.

It’s also sensible to show them how to winches safely.

Anyone who can’t swim should be wearing a life-jacket at all times on deck.

In addition it makes sense for children to wear life jackets unless they are very strong swimmers. Always ensure children wear a life-jacket in the tender.

We provide adult life-jackets on all our charter yachts and catamarans but you will need to bring life jackets for children. You can hire them from Paddlecraft in the office next door to Smart Boating.

More sailing accidents happen using the tender than on the yacht itself.

When you’re sailing on Pittwater you’ll find the water is generally smooth and you won’t be troubled by swell.

But of course on a monohull the yacht will heel when you head upwind.

Check everything is stowed away before you set off each time and ensure all the cupboard doors are shut with the button latches pushed in.

Be especially careful to stow away any glass bottles so they don’t break.

Dry-Powder-Fire-ExtinguisherFire Prevention on a Yacht Charter

Fire is obviously a very serious emergency on a yacht.

All our yachts and catamarans have LPG stoves and barbeques.

You need to take care when using LPG on a boat.

There are two places to turn the gas on and off. You can shut the gas off by turning the valve on the top of the gas bottle, and secondly there is a valve in the pipework in the galley.

Please make sure you turn the gas off in both places after every use.

Also please make sure you only smoke on deck.

All our yachts are fitted with fire extinguishers – it makes sense for at least one person on board to know how a fire extinguisher works.

Other safety equipment

Smart Boating provide a well stocked first aid kit on your yacht.

We’ll show you where it is during your briefing. Please let us know if you use anything out of it so we can re-stock.

It is a requirement for all our yachts have flares and an EPIRB on board. Realistically you won’t need these on a yacht charter on Pittwater.

If you get into difficulties call us on 02 9997 5344.

Please do not use the life buoys as swimming aids – they are for emergency use only.