Pittwater Yacht Charter
Your Smart Boating Guide to Yacht Charter with Kids

A yacht charter with kids on Pittwater is a fantastic chance for you and your family to escape the real world…

… and take some time out to unwind in nature.

When you’re on holiday if your children are happy… you’re happy.

So here’s the SmartBoating guide to what makes kids happy on a yacht charter.

First up… let them swim.

Make sure you take full advantage of Pittwater’s clean and safe swimming waters and the stunning bays and beaches.

Plan a long lunch stop at anchor each day.

We bet your kids are straight in the water.

Our children love jumping off the boat.

They generally start jumping from the swim deck and after a couple of days even the younger ones build enough confidence to jump off the side of the yacht.

Take along snorkels and masks, and a whole new underwater world opens up.

Kids also love learning to row on a yacht charter.

Depending on their age you might need to start off with an adult helper in the boat.

But it doesn’t take long for them to build enough confidence to row ashore on their own.

(You might also like to read our yacht charter guide to using the tender)

And once they get ashore…

… kids love to spend hours just messing around and being kids.

Building sand-castles, splashing in the shallows and exploring creek beds are the number one pass-times.

This is your opportunity to relax and read a book!

Prepare for a few shrieks when they try standing under the refreshing waterfall at Refuge Bay.

No yacht charter with kids on Pittwater is complete without a trip to the Basin.

You could spend a week here without your kids getting bored.

There’s a choice of beaches – the sheltered one inside the shark net is perfect for younger kids.

Most times you’ll see Rock Wallabies and Goannas wandering around the park.

You can even enjoy an ice-cream when the coffee boat pulls in.

Here’s some other favourite children’s yacht charter activities

  • Asking lots of questions about sailing and having a go at steering the yacht.
  • Staying up late and sitting on the deck with the adults taking in the stillness and darkness and gazing at the stars.
  • Taking a nap the next day under the shade of the bimini while you enjoy a sail to your next destination.
  • Drawing pictures of the nature around you.
  • Helping you try to catch fish.
  • Having a go at picking up mooring buoys.
  • Looking at the chart and planning the next day’s sailing.
  • Playing cards, chatting and watching the sunset.
  • And gazing in wonder as dolphins swim along in the bow wave.

When it comes to feeding children on a yacht charter…

… here’s a few simple guidelines.

  • You will find your kids will be hungry from all the physical activity. Pack lots of non-perishable snacks like breadsticks, potato chips, dried fruit, cereal bars and nuts.
  • Pre-cook meals like spaghetti bolognese or a mild curry and bring them frozen to make your life easy on board.
  • Cooking on the barbeque is more relaxing than cooking in the galley. Sausages and steaks keep well.
  • There’s limited fridge space so bring under-ripe fruit let it ripen on your trip.
  • Juices in cartons are better than bottles.
  • Keep water bottles on deck at all times and encourage the children to drink regularly.

And finally just a reminder about the strength of the Australian sun.

Pack lots of sunscreen and re-apply regularly to keep your kids safe while they have fun.

Happy Holidays!

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