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How to Choose your Perfect Sydney Yacht Charter

Do you know if you’re ready to bareboat in Sydney?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to hire a yacht in Australia.

Your yacht charter company will ask about your previous boating and or sailing experience.

Be honest here – you won’t enjoy your sailing holiday if you have more confidence than competence.

Here’s a guide to the knowledge you need to charter one of our yachts on Pittwater.

If you’re not experienced enough to bareboat charter…

You can sit back and relax on a skippered charter.

You can learn to sail yachts on courses specially designed to give you the skills you need to charter.

If you’ve not chartered for a little while and would like an experienced skipper on board while you get back into the swing of things – you can book a charter confidence refresher at the start of your yacht rental.

Choosing between power or sailing boat hire?

Hiring a power boat is about getting to your destination as quickly as possible and relaxing once you get there.

But on a sailing yacht or catamaran, as soon as the engine goes off and you’re being blown along by the wind…

… you can visibly see everyone unwind in front of you.

Here’s more detail about the difference between power and sailing yacht charters

Is a monohull or catamaran better for sailboat hire in Sydney?

There are a number of good reasons why you might choose a sailing catamaran for your yacht charter.

Catamarans are much more stable than monohulls. Your drinks won’t spill and you’ll get a good night’s rest at anchor.

Chop is less of an issue on Pittwater, but on Sydney Harbour the wash from the Ferries starts quite early in the mornings…

Also if you’re chartering with non-sailors they’ll appreciate the fact that a catamaran does not heel over.

Cats generally offer you more protection from the elements – the covered cockpit is upstairs with great views.

And finally, if you charter with friends there is more privacy on a cat.

However, if you love the excitement of sailing… you’ll no doubt choose a monohull.

If you’ve got an inexperienced crew or you’re chartering with kids, it’s worth looking at a yacht with a self-tacking headsail like the Hanse 385 to make your life easier.

You can always combine your boat hire with a breathtaking flight up the coast from Sydney on a Seaplane… more in our luxury yacht charters guide.

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