Pittwater Yacht Charter

For Yacht Charters in Australia Pittwater near Sydney is a Stunning Location

For yacht charters in Australia, Pittwater is a fabulous location.

We are incredibly lucky to have this unspoiled cruising ground, surrounded by National Park, just 45 minutes from Australia’s largest City.

SmartBoating has a top fleet of yachts and catamarans available for skippered and bareboat yacht charter on Pittwater

At SmartBoating we’re committed to doing everything we can to keep it that way.

Here’s some guidelines for caring for the marine environment and dealing with garbage on your yacht charter.

The first piece of advice is simple…

… Don’t throw anything overboard!

Apple cores and banana skins will eventually biodegrade, but in the meantime they’ll end up on the beach or in a swimmers face.

Secondly, plastic persists in waterways for many years and is hazardous to wildlife, as well as looking awful on beaches.

You need to ensure plastic bags don’t blow overboard by accident – secure them in lockers or in cupboards down below

If plastic does blow overboard make an effort to retrieve it.

If you spot some plastic on a gorgeous Pittwater beach consider picking it up and disposing of it at the end of your charter.

And when you pack for your charter keep packaging to a minimum.

Many food items are double wrapped when you buy them.

Take excessive packaging off food and leave it at home.

Bring meat in air-tight, washable plastic containers.

And of course yacht charters in Australia are not complete without a barbie. All our yachts have gas fired barbeques on board…

If you’re chartering for a few days, cans are better than bottles for beer as they can be crushed. Similarly juices in cartons work better than bottles.

To minimise smells double wrap food waste and put it in an outside locker until you go ashore.

If you visit Akuna Bay or Bobbin Head marina for a meal or drink take your garbage ashore and put it in the large bins.

Bag recycling separately from other waste so it’s easy to place in the correct bin.

Have a great sailing holiday!