Pittwater Yacht Charter
Yachting Tips

There’s no doubt about it… you have move fun on your yacht charter if you know what you’re doing.

And if we’re honest… everyone has gaps in their knowledge.

To help you fill those gaps… the team at SmartBoating are building up a reference library of useful yachting tips to help you enjoy your yacht charter in Australia.

Let’s start with anchoring. It’s vital every skipper knows how to anchor safely and quickly.

In Anchoring Tips 1 you find out how to choose a smart spot to anchor.

In Anchoring Tips 2 we tell you how to lay the anchor so you can be sure you are firmly attached to the sea bed.

And in Anchoring 3 we cover weighing anchor and laying an additional stern anchor.

Of course a convenient option is to pick up a public mooring. There are heaps of these available on – see our Pittwater map for details.

And here’s some useful tips for picking up a mooring when you charter a yacht.

Yachting tips for sailors

If you’re fairly new to sailing, here’s some tips for sailing yacht charters in Australia including getting the sails up and down.

All our yachts are easy to sail and a number have self-tacking headsails but you might like to refresh your memory on tacking and gybing before your yacht charter holiday.

And our guide to reefing on you sailing yacht charter will help you have a comfortable, controlled sail.

No doubt you’ll take a tender with you so you can explore beaches, bays and creeks and head ashore for a relaxing meal. Here’s our guide to using your yacht’s tender.

Here’s how to get a weather forecast on Sydney bareboat yacht charters – this page also includes information on sheltering from Southerly Busters.

All our yachts and catamarans have wind, speed and depth instruments and a VHF radio. Here’s a guide to the instruments on your bareboat charter yacht

We always give you a full safety briefing before you set off… here’s some more information about how you can ensure your crew’s safety on your charter.

Over in the boat share section of our website you’ll find tips on using fenders and marina berthing.


Yachting tips for family charter

Packing for your yacht charter can be a bit of a challenge. You want to be sure you take everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Our smart yacht charter packing list might be just what you are looking for.

If you’re planning a yacht charter with kids here’s some great ideas for keeping everyone happy.

Are you looking for ideas for catering for your family while you are away?

Take a look at our our yacht charter barbeque recipes and our famous smart boating curry recipe.

And here’s some useful advice about caring for the marine environment and dealing with garbage on yacht charters in Australia.

We add to this library each month. Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date.

And if you are interested in taking your learning a step further… take a look at some Smart Learn to Sail options.